Conditions for Online Ticketing

  1. Online booking should be done at least 48 hours before the day of visit. All booking done within 48 hours before the day of visit will stand invalid.
  2. Maximum number of tickets permitted to be sold per day for online booking will be 750/- numbers only
  3. Closure period: – Due to calving season the National Park will be closed during February and March (exact period will be available in website).
  4. Visitors should follow the prevailing rules and regulations, and directions of National Park staff.
    Visit to National Park man be temporarily restricted or stopped in case of Natural calamities, extreme weather conditions, animal diseases, epidemics, Harthals or any civil strikes or any other unanticipated reasons which are not under control of the
  5. National Park management. In such cases visitors who have booked through online will be permitted to visit the National Park on the next working day or on another suitable day of visitor’s convenience or to cancel their visit and get their payment refunded within a period of seven days. Requests after a period of seven days shall not be entertained.
  6. Booking can be done only up to one day prior to the day of visit. ie the booking for tomorrow cannot be done today.
  7. Visitors should provide an ID and address proof for booking and the same should be carried in original during the park visit.

Cancellation policy

Visitors enjoy the right to cancel their booking till 5pm on the 4th day before the date of booking on conditions following.

Request for cancellation should reach the National Park office through e-mail, post/courier at least 3 days before the booked day of visit. That is, a person who has done booking for 1-1-2016 and if he /she wish to cancel that booking his/her request for the same should reach the National Park office on or before 5p.m on 28-12-2015. Request reaching after the stipulated time will not be entertained.

Refund Policy

  • 100% amount will be refunded if cancellation is done 14 days before the intended day of visit.
  • 50% amount will be refunded if cancellation is done 7 days before the intended day of visit.
  • 25% amount will be refunded if cancellation is done 3 days before the intended day of visit.
  • No money will be refunded if cancellation is done within 3 days before or on the indented day of visit.

Request for cancellation and refund of money should be send to the National Park office through e-maile or by post / courier. Address to be sent

Information cum Ticket Booking Centre
Office of Wildlife Waren
Eravikulam National Park
Wild life Division, Munnar
Munnar P.O.
Pin: 685612
Ph: 04865-231587, 04865-208255

Request for cancellation or refund of money through telephone will not be entertained.

Verification of IDs and address proof compulsory at the time of visit

Visitors should carry their original ID and address proof which they have already registered while booking. ID numbers and address proof will be verified compulsorily, on satisfaction of which only, entry shall be permitted.

General information and instructions

  1. Visitors are not entitled to take their vehicles into the National Park. There is a Parking area at the entrance where visitors can park their vehicles free of cost.
  2. Visitors shall be taken to the tourism zone by department mini buses only.
  3. Visitors can spend a maximum of two hours in the National Park.
  4. Though the National Park is famous for close quarter sighting of the endangered Nilgiri Tahr, it should be understood that the sighting is not routine.
  5. Sighting of animals other than Nilgiri Tahr is rare. Seeing wild animals is a matter of luck and chance. Be a keen observer.
  6. Since the National Park is mainly grassland vegetation, visitors are open to sunshine, mist or unexpected rains.
  7. Visitors can use the tarred road to walk up to 1.400 km in the tourism zone and further movement is restricted.
  8. While in the National park visitors are not supposed to carry food articles, cigarettes, liquors or other intoxicants, plastics, pet creatures, fire cracks or fire arms, inflammable materials, trap or noose, poison or any other materials injurious or disturbing to the wild animals
  9. Silence is the best companion.
  10. Avoid horns, loud music and other noises.
  11. Respect wild animals and their habits.
  12. Put on a good pair of jungle shoes, rain coats when you go for trekking.
  13. Please avoid bright colored dresses and prefer dull colored clothing (khakis, brown, black, green etc.)
  14. Instead of half pants and saris, please prefer to wear full trousers.
  15. Do not go near, feed, disturb or tease wild animals.
  16. Use of mobile phones in forest is strictly restricted.
  17. Littering / throwing plastics are punishable.
  18. Move in small groups in the jungle and do not deviate from the Road/trek path.
  19. Carry a notebook and pencil while in forest to record your experience / observations
  20. Carry drinking water, but don’t leave bottles in the forest.
  21. Carry medicines for common ailments.
  22. Please carry back all your garbage.
  23. Smoking and using alcohol/ drugs are prohibited inside forest.
  24. Physical fitness is needed for trekking.
  25. Do not take away anything from forest.
  26. Do not swim in unfamiliar waters.
  27. Unauthorized trekking is an offence. Obey Forest Laws & Rules and instructions of staff, naturalist and forest watchers.

Any kind of offense may lead to minimum 3 years of imprisonment or fine up to Rs.25000/- or with both.

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