Central information about Working Hours in Eravikulam National Park

Now more and more people are becoming interested in knowing nature more. That is why people began to choose mountains more and more for recreation. Previously, more workers preferred vacations at sea than in the mountains. Now everything has changed. Rest in the mountains, outdoors and nature cannot be replaced by anything. Here, people can enjoy the sound of dice, swim in a waterfall or lake, and try many other activities that they could not even dream of before.

But now everyone has the opportunity to afford something like that. Yes, Eravikulam National Park allows you to enjoy it all. Here people can enjoy nature and get a huge energy boost from being in such a beautiful and beautiful area. But, it is worth saying that it is not so easy to come to this place. You should be well versed in the hours of work, as well as the cost of rest here. In this material, we will tell you what you should know so that you should come and relax in this beautiful place.

What Should You Know About the Working Hours?

The first thing worth talking about is what hours this reserve is open. It is worth starting with the fact that this national park is open almost all year round, so people should visit here at any time of the year to enjoy the beautiful nature and see unique animals. So it is only necessary to say that from February to March, this reserve is closed. For two months, people will not be able to come and enjoy the mountain landscapes and fresh air.

The Eravikulam park is open daily from 7 am to 4 pm. It should be said that the entrance to the park is not free. Each person must pay a certain price to enter the territory of the national reserve. There are different tariffs for different segments of the population. So, a person in India must pay 125 rupees. For children, this amount is somewhat less, which means 95 rupees. For tourists who want to visit Eravikulam National Park, you will need to pay a slightly higher price than other people. It is 425 rupees.

What Are the Options to Visit?

There are many places to stay here. On the Eravikulam territory of the reserve, there are many hotels and recreation areas where you can enjoy nature and go to the entertainment center and enjoy other entertainment. If someone wants to be completely alone, then it is worth checking into Lakkom log house. This is an Eravikulam wooden house in the middle of the forest, which has all the necessary amenities and almost no people.

Move and Visit This National Park

Now you know when you can visit this park and how much it costs to visit it. All that’s left to do is just visit this place and enjoy the fresh air and the many other benefits that this Eravikulam reserve has to offer.

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